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RED Interactive Agency The Raft Reveal Image

Starbreeze and RED Games Join Forces to Create THE RAFT

Location-based headset StarVR will be getting a new multiplayer VR experience.

Location-based virtual reality (VR) experiences are, in some ways, the successor to the traditional videogame arcades. Several companies are looking into creating new experiences to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these new ‘VR Arcades’. Two of which are RED Games and Starbreeze, creator of the StarVR headset.

As VRFocus has reported before, the StarVR is a type of VR headset designed specifically for location-based experiences, not for home use. Of course, in order to attain success, Starbreeze need quality content, which is where THE RAFT comes in.

THE RAFT allows up to four people to play simultaneously as they are put in the position of being on a raft as it makes its way down a dark, ominous river towards an unknown destination, searching for an ancient treasure. Players need to not only keep the raft afloat, but also defend themselves and the raft. Teamwork is essential, as only groups with enough communication and coordination will be able to survive long enough to find the treasure they are searching for.

Star VR / StarVR HMD

“We’re so excited to be working with a great partner like Starbreeze to create something that people have never experienced before,” said Donny Makower, President of RED Interactive Agency. “Their VR platform gives our team the ultimate creative canvas, allowing us to develop a game experience that will transport people in unexpected ways. It’s going to be really fun for friends to play as a team, and the experience will be truly memorable.”

“We greatly enjoy working with the RED Games team on THE RAFT to add to our upcoming slate of VR location-based experiences,” said Brooks Brown, Director of VR at Starbreeze. “The base design of THE RAFT is so perfectly tuned for collaborative efforts between friends and we can’t wait to see how people will play it.”

Though described as a VR experience, elements of mixed reality (MR) come in as the players can utilise physical props and structures to increase immersion. The release date for the experience has not currently been confirmed, but should be rolling out to locations worldwide later this year.

VRFocus will bring you further information on StarVR experiences once it becomes available.

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