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SteamVR Gets Update With SteamVR Home

The SteamVr launch area gets a massive overhaul with SteamVR Home custom environments.

SteamVR is one of the most popular ways for users of virtual reality (VR) devices to access VR content for head-mounted displays such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The SteamVR launch area has been customisable thanks to community skins since launch, but now that feature is getting a big upgrade.

Steam are introducing an upgrade to SteamVR Home that allows for a richer experience. The launch area of Steam VR Home can now support higher resolution as well as supporting animation, sound, games and interactivity. It will be possible for players to teleport around any number of environments created by the talented Steam community.

Avatars will be fully customisable, with the ability to pick a head and customise it with various accessories such s hats and eyeglasses and other props. It will even be possible to unlock other wearables and avatar forms by completing ‘quests’ within SteamVR Home. Social functions are fully integrated, allowing users to open the environment up to either a selected group of friends, or just let the general public in. Voice chat will, of course, be available for interaction between players.

Creative SteamVR users can create and submit VR environments using Steam VR workshop tools, the application for which is accessible through the Tools section of the Steam library. All the existing Steam VR environments are still available for use and will be going through an upgrade process. The SteamVR Workshop Wiki is available to help people get started with creating their own custom environments.

The team behind SteamVR Home are eager to hear from those who opt in to the SteamVR Home public Beta, and users can submit their opinions through the discussion boards. Further information, including how to opt-in to the Beta can be found on the Steam Community page for SteamVR Home.

VRFocus will keep you updated on SteamVR Home and other SteamVR projects.

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