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Studio 397 Adds Beta HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Support to rFactor 2

The VR support is still in its early stages.

Way back in 2013 Studio 397 released its PC racing simulator rFactor 2 on Steam. Now the developer has released the latest updates for the title which include an open beta for DirectX 11 and virtual reality (VR) support. 

There aren’t many racing simulators for VR headsets so Studio 397’s announcement is likely to gain significant interest from players looking for an alternative to titles such as Project CARS and DiRT Rally. In the blog posting the studio said: “We know it’s been an excruciating wait, even for us. We’ve been bursting with the type of anticipation you get when you’re waiting to give someone a really cool gift.”

“This is the first important milestone in the continued development of rFactor 2. It is a huge update, focused on improving the visual fidelity and creating a foundation to work from.  Importantly, this is an ‘open beta’, meaning we are still working on optimising and improving the fidelity of the engine”

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As the developer notes: “This release version, as we have said, is an open beta. Development is ongoing, and we will quickly move to a full release over the next few months. We will regularly provide you with updates, both in terms of code and content. Expect us to do more releases in the upcoming weeks, each with new content, bug fixes and further improvements.”

rFactor 2 is available through Steam for £23.99 GBP for racing fans keen to give the new beta a trial. THere’s a demo available but it’s unclear if this will include the VR support.

Studio 397’s Guidelines for setting up VR for rFactor 2:

Setting up VR and Post Processing:

  • Open the rFactor 2 Launcher.
  • In the Launcher click on the settings icon wheel.
  • Then click on the ‘Video Settings’ button.
  • In the pop up config window check the box ‘VR’.
  • Set your screen resolution to 1920×1080.
  • Start by setting the Post Effect Level to “None” (see release notes below).

Starting rFactor 2 in VR:

  • Important: First open SteamVR manually before starting single player. (We have a known issue we are working on where you will not get FFB if SteamVR is not started first)
  • Now just click on the single player icon in the Launcher and open rFactor 2.
  • The menus and UI are all in the VR space, but you will need to use mouse and keyboard.
  • There is a known issue with the replay cams, only one eye has an image.

For further details on rFactor 2’s VR developments, keep reading VRFocus.

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