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SUPERHOT Developers Tease Release for HTC Vive

Official SUPERHOT twitter account suggests upcoming port for HTC Vive.

The team behind popular time-bending shooter SUPERHOT VR have teased the upcoming release of a new version of the title for HTC Vive on Twitter.

Taking a somewhat coy and minimalist approach, the official SUPERHOT twitter teased followers with a flashing white gif of the HTC Vive logo against a red background, with the only message being the hashtag of #Soon.

Twitter users were quick to guess what the announcement meant, though the reaction was not a universally joyful one. Some users decrying the practice of timed exclusives, though it isn’t currently known if an exclusivity agreement was in place, or if it just took the SUPERHOT development team a while to properly port the title over to the HTC Vive platform.

Some other SUPERHOT fans on twitter have also pointed out that many technologically savvy players who own a HTC Vive have already been enjoying SUPERHOT VR using mods that allow for Oculus Rift titles to be played on the HTC Vive, though with some glitches. Therefore some HTC Vive owners could be reluctant to buy another copy of a videogame they already own.

The announcement comes not long after the developers released the ‘Forever Update’ for the Oculus Rift version, which introduced over 20 hours of new content and new features in addition to the expected bug fixes. It seems likely that the HTC Vive version will have the Forever Update included from the start.

It isn’t currently known when the HTC Vive port will be released, or if the price point will be different from the Oculus Rift, or if any extra features will be included. VRFocus will report on any further news regarding SUPERHOT VR.

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