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Swamp In Your Pocket: Watch VRFocus Take On The Puzzling World Of GNOG

In a world of frogs and moths who really wins in the end?

Imagine a world full of colour. Dancing, pulsating colour. Then add loud and equally pulsating music to it. When you’re done there add a series of self-contained puzzle boxes with those boxes filled with micro worlds for you to explore in the style of Polly Pocket or Mighty Max – and then put it into virtual reality (VR) for good measure. Complete that recipe and you’ve pretty much got GNOG.

Supporting Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR, GNOG was initially announced by developers KO_OP back in 2015 and its recent release saw it score well on VRFocus‘ official review.

For today’s video we’ve another part of Rebecca’s recent PlayStation VR Twitch livestream, in which we see her first enter the world of GNOG and take on her first puzzle box ‘FRG-Y’; a swamp filled world full of frogs (or frg-s) and moths (mth-s?). The latter ideally an excellent dinner for the amphibians. How will Rebecca work her way through the world? Watch below to find out.

VRFocus will be back with part two very soon, look out for daily gameplay videos from us at 7:30PM UK time throughout Monday to Friday.

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