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T-Rex Gets a Kicking in Island 359 Preview

VRTV’s Nina becomes a dinosaur hunter in her latest video.

VRTV’s roving reporter Nina has been to several events over the past few months including Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017. At both events she got to tryout CloudGate Studio’s Steam Early Access title Island 359, a dinosaur hunting experience for HTC Vive – the developer also recently launched Oculus Touch support.

For today’s video preview, Nina not only got to experience lots of dinosaur killing, with guns aplenty, she also managed to tryout CloudGate Studio’s experimental Vive Tracker system for the videogame. CloudGate Studio’s President, Steve Bowler showcased a short video of the project back in January when it featured just HTC Vive sensors and four controllers. Nina got the more advanced version with two Vive Trackers on her feet and one on her waist for a full body motion tracked experience.

With this system in place not only can you shoot dinosaurs as normal, you can bring your whole body into the mix, being able to boot the smaller Compy’s to death, or if you’re feeling really brave – or as Nina found a nice sweet spot – you can kick the T-Rex to death.

Checkout the full preview video below, and stay tuned for more news, reviews, previews and more from VRFocus.

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