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Mystic VR screenshot 1

Take a First Look at Null Activity’s Enchanting Puzzler MYSTIC VR

The HTC Vive title is expected to launch later this year.

The breadth of virtual reality (VR) puzzle titles already available is astounding, ranging from Fantastic Contraption’s building gameplay or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes party aspect, to Statik’s more confined style or the sprawling adventure that is Obduction. Now indie developer Null Activity has showcased its plans for an immersive puzzle experience, releasing the first video for MYSTIC VR.   

The videogame is a surreal adventure into a fantasy world, where all the puzzles have something to do with light and illumination. In development for HTC Vive, Null Activity released a couple of images earlier this year but now the beta video release really showcases some of what’s in store.

Mystic VR screenshot 2

While the video only highlights teleportation as a way of moving around the studio does have further movement options in mind. Discussing MYSTIC VR’s development in a blog posting Null Activity writes: “Right now the game is teleport only. Originally the puzzles did no allow for Touchpad Locomotion, or rather I should say I didn’t know how to code the level to work with TL, but I am continuing to work on that and it is an option I still want in the final game.”

And it’s not just HTC Vive support that’s planned: “Also, originally I stated that I planned to bring this to the Oculus Rift, and may still do so, but it will likely be sometime after launch,” the developer notes.

That launch is expected during the summer but this is a passion project so a definite release has yet to be finalised.

VRFocus will follow the progress of MYSTIC VR, reporting back with the latest updates.

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