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Tencent Announce Success of Fast & Furious AR Marketing Campaign

Chinese Internet company Tencent release figures regarding recent AR marketing campaign for The Fast and the Furious.

Tencent Holding Limited are one of the biggest providers of internet services in China, including popular instant messaging software QQ. The company recently announced that it’s campaign for the latest The Fast and the Furious movie, which included augmented reality (AR) elements was a success.

As part of a campaign to promote the film in China, smartphone users could watch a Fast and Fusrious themed animation when they scanned the movie’s posters using the QQ Mobile AR function. Universal Pictures placed more than 2,500 posters in China’s subways and cinemas to allow as many consumers as possible to get the chance to activate the animation. There is even a scene in the move itself where a billboard can be scanned to activate the animation.

Tencent also made a car racing videogame titled Qzone available for its customers. A survey by Qzone established that 71% of users who played Qzone had seen or were planning to see the movie, compared with 62% of people who did not play the title.
In another survey, 80% percent of people who had seen the animated trailer on Mobile QQ had watched or were planning to watch the movie, compared to 49% who didn’t.

“As Hollywood studios increasingly target China to boost global revenues, they look for partners that can provide tech-driven marketing solutions to attract the country’s huge number of tech-savvy young people who are eager for an engaging experience,” said Dan Li, General Manager of Marketing, Social Network Group, Tencent. “With our large user-base in China, consumer behavior insights and strong technical capacity, we can support Hollywood to tap the China market. By doing this, we can also bring more great content to Chinese audiences.”

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