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Mech League Boxing screenshot 1

Turn Your Opponents to Scrap Metal with HTC Vive’s Mech League Boxing

Work up a sweat with this early access title.

In the future violent sports won’t feature actual human combat, instead its going to be all about giant robots smashing each others face in, or so developer VRGEN imagines with its virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, Mech League Boxing.

Arriving on Steam Early Access today, Mech League Boxing is an energetic fighting videogame whose premise is simple, knock your opponent out. Set in sci-fi arenas across the universe, the current version features a selection of robots to choose from, customisation options for said robots, and the ability to utilise weaponry in the fights. Additionally, the title also includes several warm-up routines to get that adrenaline started.

Mech League Boxing screenshot 2

VRGEN isn’t stopping there. During the next 3 to 6 months that Mech League Boxing is in early access the studio plans to add several features including multiplayer, an Arcade mode which will challenge players to score as many points as possible, Survival mode where players fight until they’ve entirely run out of life and a Time Attack, to see how many AI opponents can be fought through.

Mech League Boxing can be downloaded for £6.99 GBP at present with the final price likely to be increased: “You will get the game at a discount price during early access, including updates and final version of the game on release,” states VRGEN on Steam. The price at release is still being discussed.”

For further updates on Mech League Boxing and VRGEN, keep reading VRFocus.

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