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VarDragons: How To Train Your Virtual Dragon

Thomas Byrd returns to explain just what VarDragons’ app involves.

At VarDragons, we are creating new opportunities and advances in mobile gaming, big data, AR, and VR; turning once mundane airplanes into loving, battling VR pet dragons.

VR Virtual Pet Dragons

Using unique game innovation, VarDragons is allowing gamers to experience a truly mixed reality game through their mobile device. VarDragons has created a game engine, which harnesses live streaming data from aircraft in order to turn once ubiquitous overflying aircraft into dragons! The size, shape, color, even the country of origin of the aircraft will be embodied in the dragon you see through the lens of your Android or iPhone. Every dragon will be unique, just as every aircraft is.

At VarDragons, we envision discovering dragons through AR only to be the beginning. If you love the dragon you see, you can catch it. Once caught, it then becomes your virtual pet dragon. You are then responsible for providing for your needy pet dragons in every way imaginable. Your dragon has your back, especially when it battles on your behalf all across the world (or wherever that particular aircraft flies during its lifetime), so you better treat your dragon well.

The VarDragons development team aims to focus much more on offline gameplay depth than most popular AR games on the market today. For instance, once you have caught your dragon it is up to you to give your dragon the attention it needs to survive. This is critical if you choose to enter another exciting feature of VarDragons: Battle. VarDragons will allow players to interact on a global scale by trading and battling their dragons if they choose. Your dragons will always be associated with a specific aircraft. At any time you can open a world map and see where your dragon is flying at that very moment. If you feel the need for a little more excitement, prompt a dragon near yours to battle!

From playing with, to training, to feeding your dragon; all interactions gamers have with their pet dragons will be done in either a 2D environment on their phone, or in an immersive virtual reality environment via the Samsung Gear VR. There will be multiple VR interactivity zones available in the initial release: A playground, a kitchen, an armory, and training ground just to name a few.

Dragons are needy creatures indeed. In order for your dragon to stay healthy, you must feed it, interact with it, and train it properly. For instance, it is essential your dragon have great eyesight. To increase seeing ability, you must acquire and feed it carrots. Some dragons (like the big fat ones) might be a little slow at first. You can make your dragon faster by running it through the obstacle courses in the VR training grounds zone.

You can find out more about the project by signing up to the newsletter on vardragons.com, after which once we snag 5001 (yes, 5000 + 1) newsletter subscribers we’ll look to kick off our KickStarter campaign.  You can also find out more in part one.


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