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Viveport Subscription Adds OuijaVR, MakeVR, Solitaire VR and More to Content Service

Customer can either change their selection or continue with what they’ve got.

Four weeks ago HTC Vive celebrated its first anniversary with Vive Day, during which time several promotions were rolled out. The day also marked the launch of the Viveport subscription service, allowing headset owners to pay a monthly fee of $6.99 USD to gain access to five titles per month. Now Viveport has unveiled a new selection of content for them to choose from. 

For those that enjoy the odd bit of exploration there’s Great Pyramid VR, Spacetours VR – EP1 The Solar System and Frontier VR. As the name suggests Great Pyramid VR takes you to Egypt, where you not only get to see one of the great wonders of the world you’ll be able to explore inside it. Spacetours VR gives you the opportunity to travel through the solar system, learn about our neighbouring planets as well as the International Space Station. Slightly closer to home is Frontier VR, where you can take a trip to the wild west, with animals and environments to interact with as well as the odd gun or two.

frontier VR-blog

If you’re more of a builder then there’s MakeVR, a 3D model app that enables you to create 3D objects and and turn them into real items via a 3D printer. Or how about VR Home, for your own VR space, designed just the way you want it. There’s also the option to play games and stream video.

Several video games have been included as well, Solitaire VR for some classic card-based gameplay; Arcade Saga, Vive Studios own action arcade title, with more than 80 levels and a multiplayer built in. Then you got OuijaVR, where you can ask it all sorts of questions, just be prepared for some spooky goings on. Or for those that like a puzzle or two you’ve got Alcatraz: VR Escape Room.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of HTC Vive and Viveport, reporting back with the latest updates.

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