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VR Film To Feature Heavily At Stockholm’s VR Scientific Festival 2017

“The first international virtual reality festival dedicated to science.”

There continues to be a lot of discussion about virtual reality (VR)’s place in the future of the film industry, big names and big studios continue to dip their toes and make encouraging noises about the technology but the decrease in price and increase in availability of 360 degree cameras has meant a growing interest at grassroots level and higher in creating cinematic experiences that tap into VR technologies.

Next Friday, May 12th 2017 a three day festival is being held in Stockholm, Sweden, to celebrate the burgreoning interest. It is being hosted by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Called the VR Scientific Festival (or VR Sci Fest) it describes itself as a “unique experiment, where technology, science and creativity come together to find the best ways of using VR technologies to benefit people around the world”.

Speaking on the convention’s official website, festival head Elena Malakhatka said: “Our goal was to create a unique meeting point for those who are passionate about their profession, no matter if it is science, cinema, VR, education or anything else and to share their passion with each other. That’s why we created VR Expo zone, series of workshops, lectures and discussions about the future of the technology, as well as Art zone and showcase of the world best artistic VR experiences as a part of Kaleidoscope VR World Tour”.

Over the course of the event in the ‘Dome of Vision’ the organisers will be showcasing an array of 360 degree short films and documentaries as well as VR experiences relating to an array of social and scientific topics. The categories include the human body, technology and engineering, as well as space and the environment. With big name contributors such as the BBC, RYOT, RT (Russia Today)WITHIN,  NASA, and Google confirmed.

Interested parties can find out more on their website at http://www.vrscifest.com.

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