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VR Social App vTime Gets Oculus Touch Support

Get closer than ever with Oculus Touch support, or keep people away with Personal Shield.

The inclusion of the social into the virtual reality (VR) sphere has become something of a hot topic of late, with Facebook aiming to normalise social VR with Facebook Spaces. Another social app that tries to bring people together through the power of VR is vTime, which has just released an update that brings in support for Oculus Touch controllers, among other improvements.

The social app has had a wide range of ‘vMotes’ gestures for some time, adding more in another recent update, but now users of the Oculus Touch will be able to use the motion controllers to throw a thumbs up, blow a kiss or do the devil horns. The full suite of vMotes can be accessed using the Touch controllers.

In addition, the developers have refreshed some of the virtual destinations that are available, with Paris, On the Edge, The Executive Jet and Around the Cave Fire having received a minor makeover to allow for a greater range of interaction between users.

With the added realism and immersion of the Touch controllers, the team have had to make some tweaks with regards to people who require a bit more with regards to personal space. A new feature called Personal Shield has been introduced, which allows users to control how close other player characters get, because even in a virtual environment, having too many people too close can get overwhelming.

The development team are also seeking feedback from users on the new features and what other updates players would like to see in future. Users can find out how to send feedback by visiting the official vTime website.

The new update is available now for the Oculus Rift.

VRFocus will continue to report on updates and new features for VR titles.

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