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VRFocus Spins the Dice Playing Mini-Game Mashup Loco Dojo

VRFocus goes hands-on with the single-player mode.

If you were ever a fan of mini-game compilations such as Mario Party or Warioware for example but want something a little more immersive then make[REAL]’s Loco Dojo aims to fill that requirement. Exclusively launched for Oculus Rift and Touch recently, the title mixes boardgame ideas with some intense virtual reality (VR) gameplay.

Featuring 16 mini-games, Loco Dojo allows up to four players to compete against each other, gaining points that’ll earn them new belts, all the way up to the coveted black belt. Once secured they’ll then enter the temple in the centre of the board to complete one last challenge.

Should you want to play Loco Dojo but can’t find any tournaments to join then make[REAL] has added the Ten Trial Test, a shorter single-player challenge where you get ten spins to get as far as you can. And that’s the gameplay video VRFocus has for you today, showcasing some of the trials in store and how the whole process works.

For another gameplay video from the latest VR titles, check back with VRFocus tomorrow.

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