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VRTV Weekly Round-Up: Faliszek leaves, SUPERHOT teases, Riccitiello dreams big and more.

Nina is back with the week that was, featuring new games, new tech, new investment and more.

It’s been a busy week with a lot of interesting stories for Nina to recap in today’s VRTV weekly round-up. There’s trouble in the US where thanks to Pokemon GO you need an AR permit in Milwaukee, Unity Chief John Riccitiello’s remarks raised eyebrows, there’s AR drone software, Sony releasing a new advert for the PlayStation VR featuring Farpoint, new games, new investment, new and renewed interest in the technology as well as comings and goings.

In fact there’s been so much it’s well worth your while watching just to make sure you didn’t miss anything of note. As usual you can find links to all the stories mentioned in the show below if you want to find out more in detail.

And don’t forget you can also check out this week’s VRTV game preview for Island 359 here.

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