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Watch VRFocus Cause Severe Collateral Damage To A City In VRobot

Peter takes on a game of monsterous proprtions.

You might be, as the name unsurprisingly suggests, a giant robot in VRobot. But you may think that your kaiju-like behavior whilst in control of your giant metal body is unlikely to meet the three laws of robotics, and is in fact more likely to have Isaac Asimov spinning in his grave. But that’s not the case, as in Luden.io’s videogame the robot is in fact the construction of humans who have been expelled from cities by a rebelling robot population.

For today’s gameplay video Peter, using an HTC Vive on this occasion, takes on the role of the robot’s operator. Will he be the savior that humanity needs or will he march around destroying things? I think you know which it will be.

You can learn more about Luden.io’s game in last week’s interview with CEO Oleg ChumakovVRFocus will be back tomorrow at the same time with more VR gameplay, tune in then to find out just which game is being played.

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