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Perplexigon screenshot 2

With Steam Greenlight’s Perplexigon you can Build Stuff Then Blow it up

A summer 2017 launch is planned.

This week videogame developer moBack has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for its virtual reality (VR) building experience Perplexigon.

A multiplayer sand box title built for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch support, Perplexigon gives players an assortment of blocks with which to design anything they can think of. These blocks are split into three categories, standard Structural ones: Cube, Wheel, Pyramid, Rhombicuboctahedron, Plate, Pole and Sphere; Mechanical blocks: Hinges, Springs, Axles and Ball joints; and lastly Action block: motors, thrusters and bombs.

Perplexigon screenshot 1

The current build of features include single and multiplayer building, one Space-based environment to work in with matching themed items such as toggling gravity, remotely triggered action blocks, and the ability to stretch wires between action blocks to create sequenced actions.

While future plans include puzzle-based missions to solve, more environments like a Steampunk, Medieval or Heavy Metal world – again with unique additions, and even more block types to create even more weirder and wonderful contraptions.

The studio plans to launch Perplexigon this summer, with a retail price of $19.99 USD.

For further updates on Perplexigon, keep reading VRFocus.

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