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John Carmack

ZeniMax Extends Lawsuit To Include Samsung Gear VR

ZeniMax continues its legal action against John Carmack and Oculus and widens lawsuit scope to include Gear VR.

Those who have been following the ongoing proceedings by ZeniMax Media against Oculus know that despite the money already awarded, ZeniMax are not doing with their legal pursuit of John Carmack. As part of those same legal proceedings, ZeniMax are now taking aim at Samsung Gear VR.

The lawsuit was filed in a Texas court last week, alleging that Oculus VR CTO John Carmack first thought of the idea that led to the Samsung Gear VR while working at id Software in July 2013. The suit filing further says that Carmack had allowed Mat Hooper into the id offices without permission after Hooper was fired from his position as creative director. The suit refers to an email sent by Hooper which refers to a plan that had apparently been concocted by Carmack and Hooper regarding mobile VR. ZeniMax contents that this email exchange was the basis behind the Samsung Gear VR.

New Samsung Gear VR and Controller

ZeniMax is claiming that it owns the technology that the Gear VR is built on, thus it’s IP rights are being infringed upon so is seeking punitive damages, a cut of profits earned from the sale of the Gear VR , injunctive relief and costs. ZeniMax have already received $500 million (USD) in a court case against Oculus, though in that case it was regarding breaking a non-disclosure agreement and false designation rather than misappropriation of trade secrets and IP infringements.

Advertising for the Samsung Gear VR has included the words ‘Powered by Oculus’ for quite some time and indeed both use the Oculus Store to distribute content. An injunction filed in February against VR software that used certain contested lines of code includes both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR in its filing.

The full text of the filing can be found on Polygon.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news of the ongoing dispute between Oculus and ZeniMax.

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