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Arizona Sunshine screenshot

Arizona Sunshine Dated for PlayStation VR

Vertigo Games will be bringing the zombie-blasting action to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro this month.

Vertigo Games’ hugely successful Arizona Sunshine is making its way to PlayStation 4 this month, exclusively for PlayStation VR. The first-person shooter (FPS) has seen huge updates as Vertigo Games adapted the original wave-based experience to a free-roaming zombie wasteland, and on PlayStation VR the studio is promising parity with the current PC edition of the videogame.


Arizona Sunshine PlayStation VR screenshotFeaturing a single-player campaign, co-operative gameplay and a horde mode for up to four players, Arizona Sunshine has seen great commercial success on PC formats for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Vertigo Games is hoping to replicate that success on PlayStation VR, including the addition of PlayStation Aim controller support.

Certain exceptions have been made in the PlayStation 4 version of Arizona Sunshine, such as widened windows of contact for grabbing items and opening door; the player need simply look at the object and press the correct input to activate, opposed to physically moving. However, from a visual standpoint the PlayStation 4 Pro version, according to Vertigo Games, is on par with the PC edition of the videogame.

“The game is identical on a gameplay level between PC and PlayStation,” states Richard Stitselaar, Co-founder and Managing Director at Vertigo Games, in an interview with VRFocus. “The only big difference is the [PlayStation] Aim controller, where you can play with two-handed weapons – 11 new weapons – and the game has been fully rebalanced for that.”

Arizona Sunshine will launch for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Network on 27th June 2017. The videogame will be compatible with DualShock 4 controllers, PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Aim accessory. VRFocus has been hands-on with the PlayStation VR edition of Arizona Sunshine and will bring you more details very soon.

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