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Augmented Reality RPG UnderVerse Launches in New Zealand

Developer Ambidexter’s title combines AR, turn-based RPG combat, GPS location and online multiplayer elements.

A team of Russian independent developers have formed a studio named Ambidexter, which has released its first augmented reality (AR) title for mobile, combining AR with turn-based RPG combat, a GPS system and MMORPG elements.

The development team claim that the title, UnderVerse, is the first videogame of its kind, combing as it does multiple elements such as AR, turn-based combat and massive online multiplayer mode. The gameplay involves players battling to repel a demonic invasion from the dark otherworld, which has targeted the world’s largest cities. A mobile ‘demonic presence’ detector helps players track down the invaders, then using their smartphone camera and AR, the demonic creatures hiding in the streets can be revealed.

UnderVerse screenshot 1

The title will be receiving a ‘soft launch’ in New Zealand, where it will be available from the New Zealand Apple App Store from 8th June, with Australian users able to download the title at the end of June. The studio also plans to make UnderVerse available for Android. The developer chose New Zealand and Australia in order to have a thoughtful, demanding, English-speaking audience, but one which is relatively small.

After collecting feedback and reports from the Australian and New Zealand region, Ambidexter plans to launch the title world-wide. Currently the timeline for a complete global launch is by September 2017.

“We have a lot of surprises for NZ gamers including unique demons that live only in the vicinity of Auckland Sky Tower and the sulfur lakes of Rotorua,” – according to Ambidexter CEO & founder Michael Chapiro.

A teaser video for UnderVerse is available to view below. VRFocus will bring you further news on UnderVerse and other AR titles as it becomes available.

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