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AxonVR Secures Patent for “Realistic Touch” VR

The patent represents “years” of research from AxonVR

AxonVR have announced that they’ve secured a new foundational patent for a brand new way to interact with the world in virtual reality (VR). The company hope the new patent will set them on the path to being the first introduce new technology that allows true immersion in the virtual world.

AxonVR’s patent specifically mentions “haptic technology for wearable devices,” suggesting unique feedback in wearables. AxonVR’s HaptX platform includes HaptX Skin, a haptic smart textile, HaptX skeleton, a literal force-feedback exoskeleton, and HaptX SDK, the software toolkit allowing developers to create unique experiences for all of these devices.

“This patent is a product of years of cutting-edge research and development in haptic technology” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO, AxonVR. “It provides comprehensive protection for the novel microfluidic technology at the heart of AxonVR’s HaptX Platform.”

The idea of “Realistic Touch” in VR is fascinating, and would make immersion in the virtual space that much more inseparable from the real world. We’re imagining VR gloves that allow true individual finger replication and texture sensation… Fascinating.

One of the patent’s inventors, Dr. Robert Crockett wants people to know that this technology is truly groundbreaking; “The novel microfluidic architecture disclosed in this patent provides an unprecedented combination of high displacement, high bandwidth, high spatial resolution, and small size for wearable haptic devices.”

Dr Crockett continues; “No other haptic technology can offer this combination of features, all of which are essential for delivering realistic touch feedback.”

If AxonVR’s plans for this patent come to fruition, it could make for one of the most immersive and incredible VR experiences available – potentially even essential to the future of VR.

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