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Bandai Namco Invites You To Take To The Air Again In Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Here’s the E3 trailer – get ready to enter a world at war.

Being a pilot requires a great many skills, such as lightning quick reflexes, keen eye-hand co-ordination and an ability to be cool, calm and collected under pressure.  For fans of Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat series though they may well feel the need to also add “plenty of patience”. VRFocus first reported on the next title in the series, Ace Combat 7 – now more fully known as  Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – back when it was announced in December 2015.

Ace-Combat-7-Skies-Unknown_2017_05-16-17_001Since that time there has been the occasional trailer and screenshot drop, but still no sign of a release with the videogame being pushed back even further last month to 2018.  With E3 just around the corner however the publisher has released a new trailer just in time for the event inviting would-be pilots to get ready to jump into a cockpit once again. This time, of course with support for the PlayStation VR as well as regular PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In Ace Combat 7 you join the familiar faces and places of the ‘Strangreal’ universe, and a world plunged into war. Bitterness flourishes and blood runs hot in an all-out battle for supremacy of the skies. Bandai Namco promises to deliver “heart-pounding action, a gut-wrenching storyline, and the most advanced visuals to ever grace an Ace Combat game”

You can watch the trailer below. For more updates, reviews and previews from this year’s E3 check back frequently to VRFocus.

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