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Beuth University Upgrades VR Technology with Virtalis

“VR for teaching was our first ambition.”

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, with advancements that could potentially change the way we interact with technology – and one another – happening all the time. Not content with getting left behind in this VR landscape, Berlin’s Beuth University has secured the funds for brand new Virtalis VR technology. Beuth University is of course not the first to adopt the Virtalis technology, which is quickly sweeping educational institutions around the world by storm, like Sweden’s Luleå University of Technology and Sheffield University.

Beuth University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering had to submit a competitive bid to the university to secure the funds, and was one of four projects selected.

Professor Joachim Villwock want to help students move into the VR space; “VR for teaching was our first ambition.”

Villwock continues; “I spotted that VR is first and foremost a communication tool. One of the main reasons we chose Virtalis was its easy-to-use VR software which will allow students to take CAD models from SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD or Inventor and create their own VR models.”

In total Beuth University has installed a Virtalis ActiveCube display system, two ActiveDesks with z-spaces and Virtalis’ Visionary Render VR software suite.

The VR technology isn’t just for the Engineering department though, as Mathematics, Informatics and Life Sciences departments are looking to develop their own use-cases.

Pierre Sabrowski is a postgraduate student within the Engineering department who wants to use the technology so fascinating demonstrations and experiments; “We are simulating highly fractal water flow within complex geometries.

“Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, we are looking at the sedimentation of waste water, as well as the fluid dynamics within washing machines. The flow results can sometimes be hard to understand, since the vital free surface of the flow can evolve complicated three-dimensional shapes. VR allows the viewer to understand and interpret those complex fractal flow phenomena quicker”.

Virtalis’ software and hardware is award winning, and shows no signs of stopping now.

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