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Arizona Sunshine keyart

Brand New Arizona Sunshine Gameplay Trailer for PlayStation VR

The hit HTC Vive and Oculus Rift game moves onto PlayStation this month

If you can’t get enough of shooting down hordes of zombies in virtual reality (VR), then you PlayStation VR owners out there might want to take a look at Arizona Sunshine. The game was beloved by critics when it released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift last year, and now it’s time for PlayStation gamers to get involved.

Vertigo Games’ first person zombie shooter features a full single-player campaign where your player travels through a wasteland filled with swarms of the undead.

Arizona Sunshine PlayStation VR screenshot

As VRFocus said in our preview with the game on PlayStation 4 Pro; “Less of an adventure and more of a shoot-anything-that-moves experience, Arizona Sunshine follows the hugely successful Farpoint as being a first-step into new territory; this isn’t as deep an FPS experience as Destiny nor as engrossing a story as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but then it shouldn’t be expected to behave as such. The fact that it’s light years ahead of being VR’s Space Invaders is commendable in its own right.”

When it comes to shooters using the PlayStation Aim controller on PlayStation VR, Arizona Sunshine looks to be as essential as the lauded Farpoint. See more of Arizona Sunshine in our new gameplay trailer below, including some superb sniper shots.

For more on Arizona Sunshine take a look at the game on Steam. For everything PlayStation Aim and PlayStation VR, make sure to stay with VRFocus.

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