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Block Rocking Beats screenshot 1

Build Your Own Electronic Band When Block Rocking Beats Hits Steam Early Access

It’ll support cross-platform play between HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

If you’re a fan of electronic groups like Daft Punk or The Chemical Brothers then there’s likely been a point when you’ve felt the inclination to get creative and dabble in creating your own electronic music. There are plenty of options out there but relatively few when it comes to virtual reality (VR) – there’s TheWaveVR and The Music Room. Well later this month another musical experience will be coming to HTC Vive for fans of electronic tunes with Block Rocking Beats.

The title is a mixture of videogame and music creation for up to three people inside a virtual sound studio. They be able to play one of three sample based instruments, drums, bass or lead, then fine-tune the sound with various audio effects such as Reverb and Delay. True creatives can even go freestyle and create their own instrument, constructed sounds in real-time.

Block Rocking Beats screenshot 2

Block Rocking Beats will feature voice chat so that friends can discuss ideas and how they want their tunes to sound, with a visual timeline to help build a fully complete track. As the experience will initially come to Steam Early Access several features will still have to be implemented which includes being able to share tracks through Block Rocking Beats. 

Early access is expected to last around three months. When fully launched users will be able to save locally or in the cloud, plus share tracks via a cloud platform. Additionally, a VJ mode gives users the option to enhance their tracks with interactive lighting and animated projections on the virtual walls.

Block Rocking Beats is scheduled for release on 30th June, for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It’ll feature cross-platform compatibility so mates on either headset can create tracks together.

Checkout the first trailer for Block Rocking Beats below, and for further updates on the title keep reading VRFocus.


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