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Canadian Film Centre Partners with Bell Media for VR Initiative

Hopes to encourage new VR/AR technology and experiences

The Canadian Film Centre and Bell Media have announced a new initiative hoping to spark new creative ventures in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) spaces. Named the CFC/Bell Media Vision Project, the project will offer assistance to companies experimenting with VR and AR experiences. The Canadian Film Centre’s CFC Media Lab already works with many companies on a variety of media, and hopes that the CFC/Bell Media Vision Project will expand their horizons into VR and AR.

Randy Lennox, President of Bell Media, understands the potential the new technologies have to impact the mainstream; “VR and AR technology continues to grow, and we recognize its potential to fundamentally change the way Canadians consume screen-based content, like we are doing this summer with THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.”

Lennox continues; “As a proud leader of Canadian content development and delivery, this latest strategic investment positions Bell Media at the forefront of a new and exciting space.”

The CFC/Bell Media Vision Project will work with the CFC’s IDEABOOST project, which helps small businesses get professional mentoring and advice from industry experts. With the CFC’s already established network and history, the Vision Project looks to be a promising way for new companies in Canada to get started in VR and AR.

With The CFC Media Lab, IDEABOOST and now the CFC/Bell Media Vision Project, the future is looking incredibly bright for Canada’s entrepreneurs and start-ups. Take a look at CFC Creates website here for more.

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