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CCP Games On Virtual Sport, Innovation & Learning VR’s Possibilities

VRFocus talks to Ryan Geddes about CCP’s efforts.

Ryan Geddes, Senior Brand Manager for CCP tells VRFocus‘s Nina Salomons what they’re doing at EVE Fanfest 2017 in Iceland. EVE: Valkyrie‘s Groundrush update their upcoming VR Sport named Sparc. He explains that they’re showcasing their other games Gunjack as well as Gunjack 2: End of Shift at the festival for fans to see as well.

He explains how the CCP’s team developed Sparc and accidentally got themselves into V Sports. He explains that for CCP a lot of experimentation as well as research and development (RND) has taken place when it comes to virtual reality (VR). He gives great insight into how a large video game developer and publisher use their existing EVE fan base to learn about creating games for VR as well as how new players are coming from new platforms such as the PlayStation 4 VR. Find out more in the video below.

You can find more interviews on the VRFocus YouTube channel, as well as the latest edition of our weekly show VRTV.

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