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Codemodeon Seek to Liven Up Presentation With Mixed Reality

Istanbul-based company use Mixed Reality to offer a richer experience for the audience during conference presentation.

Almost everyone has been in at least one boring presentation in their life. At work or at school or college, or at a conference watching the slides that someone is awkwardly reading from. Some presenters are engaging enough to get around this, but a lot aren’t. Turkish studio Codemodeon are trying to liven up presentations by adding mixed reality (MR).

At the Marketing Meetup – Future conference, the team from Codemodeon created a MR presentation that allowed the audience to see into the virtual reality (VR) world that the presenter was experiencing, while the presenter was wearing a VR headset. The presentation began as a standard showcase, using slides before the MR portion was gradually introduced, creating a wooded playground in mixed reality on the stage.

Codemodeon’s co-founder Yagiz Hatay was the one giving the presentation, and he revealed that he wanted to surprise the audience and attract attention rather than just give another marketing speech. “With the headset on it was quite a challenge for me to make a demonstration,” Hatay said. “On the stage, you need to see the audience and their reactions while you are talking about something. I was all ears while doing the demo and listening to their reactions to feel the vibe.”

“In the last three years, as a company working on virtual reality, we have been using every chance to talk about VR and how brands can benefit from it,” added Hatay. “By utilising virtual reality, we wanted to enhance the experience of watching a presentation and making it unique. To let everyone to have the same experience at the same time we planned to build a mixed-reality setup on the stage. Hereby the audience would watch a presentation in mixed-reality format while the presenter is experiencing virtual reality.”

A video showing some of the presentation is available to view below.

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