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Competition: Ten Chances To Slice & Dice

Follow VRFocus on social media? You’re in with a chance to nab this VR puzzler.

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) puzzle games are certainly getting a new lease of life. It’s a popular genre. Very popular. VR’s ‘bread and butter’ as a fellow VRFocus staff member described it as not that long ago. We’ve a new competition for you to win such a puzzle videogame – although one with an interesting twist in the form of Slice & Dice from Korean developer VRotein.

Slice&DiceSlice & Dice has a pretty simple concept. There is a die on a tower of blocks. You have to get said die into a designated hole and the way to do that is to take lumps out of those blocks a multi-use tool. It’s up to you to get creative and think three dimensionally in order to get the die in the positions you want. As mentioned in VRFocus‘ own review of Slice & Dice“you’ll find there’s somewhat of an art form to cutting blocks. This isn’t Fruit Ninja, where you’re wildly swinging away without a care in the world, this is precision stuff.”

We’ve got ten codes to give away and you have just over a week in order to enter. You’ve until Friday, 7th July 2017. The competition is open to everyone, though naturally you’ll need a Steam account and an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift in order to enjoy the title which you can find more about here. To enter all you have to do to is use the app below and be either a follower of VRFocus on Twitter, be a subscriber to our YouTube channel or visit our Facebook or Google+ pages. That’s it. You get an entry for any of those so make sure you check everything out.

Win Slice&Dice on Vive/Rift (Steam)

We’ll let winners know as soon as possible after the competition ends. Good luck!

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