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pokemon go raids

Cooperative Raid Battles And Changes to Gyms Are Coming to Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs are bringing extensive changes to Pokemon Gyms in upcoming update.

Ever since the launch of the popular location-based augmented reality (AR) title Pokemon Go, fans have been waiting for the introduction of multiplayer features that will allows players to work together, or even battle one another directly. While competitive multiplayer is still in limbo, cooperative multiplayer in the form of Raid Battles along with a slew of other new Gym features is being introduced.

The upcoming update is being billed as the biggest yet, which is planned to completely revamp the Gym system. One of the complaints from players of the title at present is that it is difficult for newer players to take on Gyms. High-level Trainers set their most powerful Pokemon on a Gym and make it very hard for anyone else to capture it. The developers at Niantic Labs are attempting to correct that problem by introducing a motivation system. Each Gym will have six slots that can be filled by the Pokemon of the team controlling it and each Pokemon must be unique – for example, only one Gyrados can be on each Gym. Each assigned Pokemon will have a Motivation Meter, as Pokemon lose motivation by losing battles, its CP will drop, making it easier for other team to defeat it. Motivation can be restored by feeding Berries to the assigned Pokemon. If all Motivation is lost, the Pokemon will leave the Gym and return to its trainer.

In addition, players will now be able to collect Items from a Gym similarly to how they already can from a Pokestop. Players can also collect Gym Badges by battling in a gym, feeding berries to Gym Pokemon and collecting items from Gyms. Raising a Gym Badges level allows players to receive bonus items.

The other big new feature being introduced in Raid Battles. A Raid is triggered when a giant Egg appears on top of a Gym, which is followed by the appearance of an extremely powerful Raid Boss Pokemon. Up to 20 trainers can band together to take on the Raid Boss, which rewards the players with the change to catch a powerful rare Pokemon as well as with rare items such as Rare Candies and Golden Razz Berries that cannot be found any other way, and even with Technical Machines that allow Pokemon to learn new moves.

Just before the update is rolled out, all Gyms will be temporarily disabled. When Gyms are re-enabled, the new Raid features will be gradually rolled out worldwide over the following weeks.

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