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Dance the Night Away With HTC Vive Trackers on Your Feet

Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing uses Vive Trackers to bring dancing rhythm gameplay to HTC Vive.

The Vive Trackers have been of great interest to developers since they were launched earlier this year as they offered a whole range of new possibilities for body-tracking within videogames. There have already been some innovative experiments using the Trackers, including the guy who fastened a Vive Tracker to his cat. Many people were just waiting for the first developer to incorporate the Vive Trackers into a rhythm game, which is exactly what Rebuff Reality has done with Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing.

Incorporating gameplay mechanics that will be very familiar to players who have played Dance Dance Revolution or Dancing Stage Euromix, Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing involves the player strapping a pair of Vive Trackers to their feet, then following the beat with their feet. Using algorithms to match the music to the dance pad, instead of having specific dance step charts, allowing for a more free-form dancing experience.

The developer also offers a universal adjustable strap for the Vive Trackers called the TrackStrap, which ensures that the Vive Trackers remain firmly on the player’s feet when dancing to the beat. The title is, as you would expect, a HTC Vive exclusive and does require two Vive Trackers in order to play.

To celebrate the launch of Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing, the studio is offering a 35% launch discount, lowering the price to £3.63 (GBP) a reduction on the usual £5.59 retail price. The launch promotion will last until 27th June, 2017. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page, or on Rebuff Reality’s official website.

Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing currently only offers a single-player mode, and it is not clear if the developers are planning to add any form of multiplayer, competitive or cooperative or if there is an intention of adding in an online leaderboard, something which has been a mainstay of Dance Dance Revolution.

VRFocus will bring you updates on Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing and other Vive Tracker titles as it becomes available.

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