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Synesthesia screenshot 2

Don’t Just Listen to Music see it with Synesthesia

A Kickstarter campaign aims to showcase this sensory phenomenon in VR.

This week VRFocus reported on Kaleidoscope announcing its virtual reality (VR) fund in a bid to help more creative projects secure funding through investors. Trying to locate finance for such projects isn’t always easy, but one way to do it is through crowd-sourcing like Kickstarter. And that’s the avenue multimedia artist Lucas Masoch has taken for his latest endeavour, a VR experience that aims to visualise a sensory phenomenon called Synesthesia.

Synesthesia ’causes people’s senses to cross, sending certain stimuli from one sense into another. It’s something that only about five percent of the population has’, Masoch notes on his Kickstarter page. “The most common form of synesthesia causes people to see letters to have color. This sentence might look like the rainbow to them. Some can see what temperature looks like and see blue or red streaks floating up their arms, depending on what they’re exposed to… especially when it comes to music.”

Synesthesia screenshot 1

Masoch vision is to create an experience that showcases what he and others who have synesthesia actually see and feel by using VR. By mixing music with light and colour he wants to recreate this a realistically as possible by using Red Giant’s Trapcode plugins, and Skybox, possibly even turning it into a platform where he can tell stories with it through the music.

The Kickstarter goal is fairly modest in comparison to other campaigns listed on the site, aiming to achieve $5,000 USD. The funding tiers are unusual in the fact that they will be personalised to the individual backer. So for example the $5 tier would be an animation of you saying your name and how Masoch sees it, or at $100 you will get an entire synesthesia presentation of your favourite song.

Checkout an example in the video below, and for further VR related Kickstarter projects keep reading VRFocus.

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