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Doom VFR Fixes the Problem With Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality

Teleport to your hearts content on the HTC Vive in Doom VFR.

In our last VRTV section, VRFocus has covered Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR. In short summary, Bethesda Softworks is really innovating the virtual reality (VR) space. One of the biggest problems developers and users face when using VR is motion sickness. One of the ways to get around it is teleportation, it tricks the mind into understanding why you’ve moved in a virtual space despite your body not having moved physically at all.

Doom VFR is a completely new videogame made for the HTC Vive and will be coming later this year. In the video below Nina explains the various methods of transportation Bethesda has decided to employ in the new title, where you can use the HTC Vive’s left circle pad for basic movement, which is snap-based, allowing the player to tap for small steps in increments. However when it comes to Nina’s absolute delight of travelling, it has to be teleportation that wins. Not only can you teleport to stunned enemies when they turn blue and instantly kill them, you can teleport around enemies and continue shooting as well.

It does make you feel a little bit like a super hero, and although it may feel overpowered at points, there are so many enemies that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of where you’re teleporting and shooting simultaneously. This can lead to falling off cliffs or maps when you’re not careful or picky about what specific spot you’re teleporting to. With the help of what Bethesda Softworks calls ‘jet-strafe’, where the player can launch themselves left or right very quickly – it feels like Spider-man and Looper had a baby together and it’s you. Definitely a must get if you love first-person shooters (FPS), killing enemies in slow motion or if you want to be ultimate super hero.

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