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Dragon Front 2.0 Update Adds Conquest Mode Plus First Four Factions Now Free

A new Invasion Forces Expansion Bundle is available to purchase.

Dragon Front developer High Voltage Software has released the latest update for the virtual reality (VR) collectible card game (CCG) on Oculus Rift and Touch, adding a brand-new Conquest Mode on top of more content such as free factions.

Firstly Conquest Mode. This will allow players to compete in six five-battle campaigns for each of the seven factions, with the first campaign for each of the factions being free.

“Conquest Mode lets us tell this fantastical war story that we’ve been writing for years from seven different perspectives, giving life to the world of Dragon Front and personality to each of the seven factions,” said High Voltage Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger on the Oculus Blog. “Completing each of the seven storylines rewards the player with a special new Boss Champion—one that’s normally unavailable in booster packs and can’t be forged.”

Dragon Front 2.0 Update

To make the videogame even more tempting for new players, High Voltage has made the first four factions – Scales, Thorns, Strife, and Eclipse – completely free. This grants every player entry to a minimum of 20 free Conquest levels. While the new Invasion Forces Expansion Bundle gives players the other factions: Silence, Essence, and Delirium plus 10 boosters for $29.99 USD.

“VR isn’t just a fad,” adds Nofsinger. “We respect the medium by putting out quality content—lots of it—and creating opportunities for deeply engaging fun. People tell us all the time that this is the VR game they’ve spent the most time playing, and considering the sheer amount of strategic options, the visual and audio content, and the competitive elements of the game, I’m not at all surprised.”

The update also lays the groundwork for the studio’s Facebook store, which aims to increase the amount of players getting involved in Dragon Front.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Dragon Front, reporting back with the latest updates.

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