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E3’s PC Gaming Show Set to Feature Oculus, Intel, Tripwire Interactive, Ready At Dawn

Monday’s PC Gaming Show should give us more VR titles to sink our teeth into.

E3 has just kicked off and already announcements are coming from everywhere, and now we know what to expect from this Monday’s PC Gaming Show. Oculus don’t have their own booth at the event this year, and will be showing off anything new during the show.

We already know that Ready at Dawn are hard at work on Lone Echo, a game we’ve already spoken to the developers about. Set 100 years in the future, Lone Echo will see you playing as Jack, the first sentient AI. Hopefully we’ll find out more information about the Oculus Rift exclusive.

Tripwire Interactive are hard at work on games for the Oculus Rift too, with Killing Floor: Incursion still in development we can safely expect more information. The first person co-op shooter has players assume the role of a solider who shoots down a variety of supernatural monsters.

Intel has exciting news for virtual reality (VR) fans too – hopefully we’ll hear more about their WiGig Wireless VR Solution. Announced a few months ago, we hope to hear more concrete details on when we might be getting our hands on the technology ourselves.

There is of course room for brand new announcements from all of these companies, and many more, at the PC Gaming Show, taking place Monday 10am PST, 6pm BST.

VRFocus will be talking to Ready at Dawn and Intel on the show floor, and will have full impressions of everything they have to show at E3 2017. For everything from E3, stay on VRFocus.

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