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Eko Demonstrates New Interactive VR Storytelling Technology

Eko presents interactive VR short film Broken Night where the viewer can influence the story.

Media and technology company Eko have unveiled their first venture into interactive virtual reality (VR) storytelling with VR short film Broken Night, starring Emily Mortimer and Alessandra Nivola. The Eko technology allows the viewer to influence the direction the story takes, instead of just being a passive viewer.

The Eko interactive platform is designed to allow the viewer to change the story through their actions, seamlessly and in real-time. In time, the company hope to be able to create a platform that will allow a storyteller to create immersive, interactive VR experiences for smartphones, PCs and smart TVs.

Broken Night tells the story of a woman and her husband returning home to discover an intruder has entered their home. The events are presented as recollections told to a police detective, with the viewer able to choose the direction of the narrative by selecting which chain of memories to follow.

“Artists and storytellers are just starting to explore the exciting new world of virtual reality,” said Tal Zubalsky, Eko Co-Founder and CPO. “It’s Eko’s goal to give them new and revolutionary tools to tell unique, immersive and emotional experiences that transport consumers from a passive viewer to an active participant in the story. It is an exciting time in VR as we see it grow and evolve and we’re thrilled to be a leader in its innovation.”

Emily Mortimer, lead actress and co-executive producer (with Alessandro Nivola) of “Broken Night,” added, “What made Broken Night so intriguing to be a part of, is as an artist you are always looking for new and challenging ways to explore what you do. To be a part of a storytelling medium that is so cutting edge was a challenge but also very exciting. Eko is pushing the boundaries of this thrilling new medium and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on the Eko platform and its VR content as it becomes available.

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