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Enjoy Fidget Spinners in Both AR and VR

Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets is… about fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners are everywhere. Promoted for health benefits including soothing stress and anxiety, Fidget Spinners have become a ‘must have’ items for people young and old. Believed by many to help with conditions such as ADHD, autism and anxiety disorders, though banned in some schools and thought to be a fad by some, developer Ezone has brought the Fidget Spinner into virtual reality (VR) with its new title, Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets.

Developer Ezone believes that Fidget Spinners are more than just a cheap toy or typical short-lived craze: “If you thought fidget spinners are nothing but stress-relieving toys or a passing fad, think again. Prepare yourself for a journey through the ages where you will unwind the mysteries of the humble fidget spinner.”

The title offers the ability to use a virtual spinner through a free download via Apple Store or Google PlayStore, which allows users to simulate using a fidget spinner to their hearts content. The developers have attempted to make sure that the physics, lighting and sounds is all identical to the real thing, even sampling the sounds made by physical fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets also acts as a incremental idle videogame, which includes a story that is slowly revealed as each spin allows the players to get closer to the next clue in the journey. Each spinner has a number of spins that will unlock something, leading to the next spinner, allowing the player to piece together the narrative.

Players can simply spin the device to relieve stress, watching the spinner move using a Google Cardboard headset, lining up for photos from any angle and examining the spinnner in minute detail. A launch trailer for the title is available to view below.

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