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Enter the Strange and Fantastical World of FORM

Another exciting gameplay video from VRFocus.

Last week Charm Games released its first virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, a bizarre puzzle experience called FORM. Today VRFocus has decided to bring you one of our awesome gameplay videos showcasing what this experience is all about.

FORM is set in a remote research facility with Dr. Devin Eli trying to uncover the secrets behind a recently discovered ancient artifact, The Obelisk. What this means for players is a mind bending journey into his mind, with strange puzzles to solve and memories that slowly reveal the doctors story.

In VRFocus’ recent review FORM was given a 4 star rating, and stated: “Charm Games has created a mesmerising experience from start to finish.”

Checkout VRFocus’ gameplay video below, and for the latest and greatest VR updates from around the world come back everyday.

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