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Game Cooks’ HTC Vive FPS VINDICTA now Available on Steam Early Access

There’s a 33% discount available for the first week.

If you love first-person shooters (FPS) the HTC Vive has got you covered, with titles such as Raw Data, Island 359, Space Pirate Trainer and many more. Now there’s another to add to that list with Game Cooks releasing its first title for HTC Vive, VINDICTA. 

Hoping to offer something new to the ever growing and crowded genre, VINDICTA’s unique selling point is its movement system, whereby players swing their arms to make them move – a lot like people do naturally. And for those that don’t want to swing their arms around there’s always the trackpad option.

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While the developer states that VINDICTA has ‘a strong stealth component’ it does arm players with a deadly mixture of weaponry, from handguns and rifles to shotguns and cluster grenades – there’s just over a dozen in total. Using these creatively will not only ensure maximum destruction but also loads of points, so players can compare scores for a bit of competition in the single-player title.

The storyline of VINDICTA revolves around the player taking the role of Agent V, who has been sent to infiltrate the fortified headquarters of the sinister UB Industries, a company seeking to build a robot army in an attempt to take over the world. The player will encounter a variety of robotic foes, from humanoid robots to big mechanical spiders as they work through four levels – plus a tutorial – which Game Cooks estimates at 6 – 8 hours of gameplay.

“We worked closely with members of the VR community to help shape the game launching today, and we’ll continue to develop and refine the game alongside them after early access launch,” said Lebnan Nader, CEO and Founder of Game Cooks.  ” We believe in VR and are proud of what we are building.”

VINDICTA is now available on Steam Early Access with a limited time discount available. Until 26th June you’ll be able to get 33 percent off the standard price, dropping the cost down from £22.99 GBP/$29.99 USD to £15.40/$20.09.

Checkout the new gameplay trailer below, and for further updates from VINDICTA, keep reading VRFocus.

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