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GameFace Labs Announce New Mobile VR Headsets

GameFace reveal details on two standalone VR devices, the GF-DD and GF-LD.

San Francisco-based tech company GameFace Labs have revealed details on two internal projects, one high-performance all-in-one virtual reality (VR) and the other a low-cost mobile VR device. Referring to the products as ‘Head Mounted Consoles’, GameFace demonstrated an early version of the devices at E3 last week.

The devices, or ‘Head Mounted Consoles’ (HMCs) displayed at E3 were the GF-LD high-end model, which includes support for Steam VR along with an Android version of the Lighthouse positional tracking system. The other model on display was the GF-DD, a lower-price model aimed more at average consumers than high-end developers or industry that the GF-LD is positioned towards.

Since the GF-LD supports Steam VR’s OpenVR, the GF-LD is capable of acting as a PC-powered Steam VR headset in addition to acting as an Android mobile VR device. The GF-LD is capable of supporting Google Daydream content using its 3DoF controller and can also support all Google Cardboard content. Positional tracking uses a single Lighthouse positioning base station and the compatible controller can support up to 6DoF without needing a tethered PC.

The second HMC, the GF-DD is a cut-down version of the GF-LD with a lower price point. While several several of the same features, the GF-DD does not include support for Lighthouse or Steam VR, instead using the Google Daydream 3DOF controller standard for input and tracking. GameFace Labs are also intending on including eye-tracking technology in both versions of the headset, so the final product will include foveated rendering capabilities. The GF-DD is also compatible with Google Daydream and Google Cardboard.

GameFace plan for the GF-DD to be ready for commercial release by Q4 of 2017, with a developers version of the GF-LD to be launched towards Q2 of 2018.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the GameFace HMCs as it becomes available.

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