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Slice & Dice screenshot 1

Get a Taste of Slice & Dice In Our New Gameplay Video

Pete gets dicey in our latest VRTV gameplay video

Earlier this month we saw the launch of Slice & Dice, the sweet virtual reality (VR) puzzler that sees players slice and dice through blocks in order to solve a variety of puzzles. We’ve had a look at Slice & Dice ourselves, and in our new gameplay video Pete shows you how the game is played.

The aim of developer VRotein’s Slice & Dice is to get the die or dice onto a coloured square on the floor by cutting through blocks and other obstacles that get in its way. To get the biggest possible score you want to focus on solving each puzzle in as few slices as possible, offering plenty of replay value.

Slice & Dice screenshot 2

We’ve reviewed Slice & Dice, and although we had our qualms, we enjoyed the experience, saying; “VRotein claim Slice & Dice has over 20 hours of gameplay but that’s not necessarily the case as this is completely dependent on how good you are at this type of videogame. What can be said is that the latter levels will test your patience so you may want to put those controllers down once in a while. If you want a novel VR challenge, you can’t go wrong with Slice & Dice.”

You can watch Pete have his fair share of fun and mild frustrations in our gameplay video below – for all of the latest on VR videogames and the industry, keep reading VRFocus.

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