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Get Fit While You Play, With the VirZOOM VR platform

VirZOOM’s unique fitness platform comes with a VirZOOM bike and seven arcade games

It’s something we’ve all wanted at one point – a way to play games and get fit. A way to truly enjoy burning calories, all while building up high scores. Well lucky for us VirZOOM want to do just that, and their VirZOOM virtual reality (VR) fitness platform might be the best way to feel the burn in VR.

To get the full VirZOOM experience you’ll need the VirZOOM Bike and VZ Sensor. The kit all works with the Gear VR, so this experience is already within the grasp of thousands of VR users – those looking for a more high-end experience can use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).

VirZOOM’s founders have all the necessary experience to make this work – Eric Janszen has 25 years of experience in the technology industry, and is an avid cyclist, while Eric Malafeew is former Chief Architect at Harmonix Music Systems.

The only question now is whether the equipment is worth the cost. The VirZOOM Bike costs $399 – the price might be worth it, as the handlebars are equipped with buttons for gameplay, in addition to heart rate sensors.

If the bike is out of your price range, the VZ Sensor might be more what you’re looking for. The Sensor attaches to any ordinary exercise bike, and can track pedal speed and direction – but you’ll need an extra controller to be held in at least one hand to play most videogames this way.

But if you purchase either the VirZOOM Bike or VZ Sensor, you get seven arcade games to play with. The VirZOOM Arcade is available on Steam and PSN, and will soon launch a much lighter package of only two games on Gear VR, though all seven will be available by October 2017.

To buy the VirZOOM Bike or VZ Sensor, take a look at the VirZOOM website.

For all the exercise peripherals you could want for your VR device, stay on VRFocus.

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