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Echo Arena artwork

Get Ready for the new multiplayer VR eSport: Echo Arena

Get those Oculus Rift’s ready.

It all started from a game jam. At least that’s the story behind Echo Arena. Ready at Dawn has been busy with Lone Echo but quickly realized that there’s more to their single player than meets the eye, and it’s all based on social virtual reality (VR).

Echo Arena is a multiplayer VR esport that most recently received the support of Intel, and will be playing at the Worldwide VR Challenger League.  The finals are based in Poland, and with it, they hope to bring VR to eSports. Ru Weerasuriya tells VRFocus what he thinks the future of VR and eSports holds, whilst giving some additional trips to potential Echo arena competitors. Let the games begin.

To find out more watch the video below.

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