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Getty Images Announces New Partnership To Provide VR Content

360 video creators can rest at ease knowing Getty can provide stock footage they need

More virtual reality (VR) content is being made every day – 360 videos, 3D videos and more is constantly being made an uploaded for consumers to enjoy – but making that content isn’t easy. Outside of the expensive equipment you’ll need to purchase or rent, there’s also the case of stock footage, and its availability in full 360 degrees. Well, Getty are now stepping up to the plate, cemented a new partnership that should ensure content creators will have all the stock footage necessary for their VR creations.

Getty Images is partnering with Jaunt, a publisher of cinematic VR content, to help bring their VR stock content ambitions to life. Jaunt’s producers have been capturing footage from around the world since 2013, documenting their travels and experiences, and now that footage will be available to the community through Getty.

“We are thrilled to be working with Getty Images to bring our high quality 360 and cinematic VR footage to the wider creative community,” said Mitzi Reaugh, Global Head of Strategy & Content Licensing at Jaunt. “Just as meaningful as producing premium VR experiences is to Jaunt, it’s equally important to help facilitate others to create quality 360 and VR content.  We aim to do all we can for the growth of this powerful emerging medium, and this is but another step in that direction.”

Anthony Holland Parkin, Getty Images’ head of VR, believes that this’ll help take VR content into the mainstream; “In 2017 skepticism around VR has finally taken a backseat. What has become clear to brands and the public alike, is that VR is here to stay. Undoubtedly, it has the potential to transform the way the public consumes and engages with brands. At Getty Images we are embedding VR content technologies into the core of our business and ensuring that, as use of VR continues to grow, its users are further enhancing their experience with access to the world’s best content.”

With Getty Images making move to ensure 360 video content is available to a wider audience, the amount of content VR producers can make – and users can enjoy – will only grow.

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