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Graffiti GIFs Become Real with the Gif-iti App

A British artist is determined to bring street art to life

Graffiti is that homely artwork you’ll find scrawled across the bus timetable at your local bus stop, describing your mother in various illicit ways. Yes, the above might be your experience with graffiti, perhaps the most aimless method of insult, like subtweeting someone who doesn’t know what the internet is. But in fact, graffiti isn’t all bad, some of it is incredible, moving, and even… Well, literally moving.

Enter Gif-iti, the app that’ll literally bring street art and wall murals to life. INSA is the British artist, now world-renowned, who wants to bring street art to life – literally. By combining his new app, Gif-iti, with some very carefully planned artwork and augmented reality (AR), you can bring street art to life, as the app recognises and animates the art.

Now, this won’t work with the aforementioned “art” you’ll find at your local bus stop – INSA needs to design the art himself and animate it accordingly within his app before it’s updated. This does make one thing awkward however, as not everyone can easily travel to see INSA’s artwork…

Well luckily you can enjoy the experience at home too. All you need to do is download INSA’s Gif-iti app on the App Store, and visit his website here. Use the phone’s app and point your camera at INSA’s artwork, and they should spring to life.

If you’d like to see INSA’s art for yourself, you can find it all over the world, and he just might pop up at an art event or festival near you.

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