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Hit VR Shooter Raw Data Gets Full Release and New Features

The popular VR FPS gives players a new PvP mode in the full release

Survios’ massively popular virtual reality (VR) shooter is giving players another reason to put on their head-mounted displays (HMDs). Raw Data is getting a brand-new update, bringing the game out of early access and adding a whole host of new features.

But before the full launch, Early Access players will be able to enjoy one last update this summer. Players will enjoy a PC-exclusive Hostile Takeover expansion that’ll provide new Player VS Player (PvP) gameplay, and players across all platforms will now enjoy joystick movement support.

The new PvP mode will have new maps, revamped abilities and locomotion movesets all exclusively available in Hostile Takeover, taking players deeper into the Eden Corp narrative.

The new SyndiK8 hero is called Elder the Rogue Hunter, an archer using the latest in future technology to assassinate targets, such as homing arrows, explosive barrages, multi-shots and more.

When the full release drops in September, the game will be available across HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

Survios’ Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, James Iliff, shares the development team’s passion and gratitude towards players; “Our entire development team is extremely grateful for our dedicated player community, whose support and passion drive us every day. We love hearing all the feedback from our eager fans, and we’ve implemented many of those suggestions into the title with the goal of making the most exciting VR action game in the market. It’s truly a VR experience built by and for the VR community.”

Raw Data will receive a full release in September 2017, giving gamers a great reason to either plug back in, or jump in for the first time. For everything on Raw Data and VR gaming, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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