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Front Defense screenshot

Hold the Line in HTC Vive Exclusive Front Defense

HTC Vive is getting in on the exclusives with the first internally developed videogame: Front Defense.

The HTC Vive is set to receive it’s first title from HTC itself today, as Front Defense launches on Viveport. Developed by HTC’s internal virtual reality (VR) development team at Fantahorn Studio, exclusively for HTC Vive, Front Defense is a room-scale videogame set in the final days of World War II (WWII).


Front Defense screenshotImmersing players in the role of an Allied Forces hero defending a fictional European town against an entire Axis armored division, Front Defense tasks you with using the motion-tracking of the HTC Vive’s head-mounted display and controllers to duck, dive, switch weapons, lob grenades, call in airstrikes, and man Bazookas and mounted machine guns. Players must master each of these mechanics as they you take on an entire Axis armored division: from well-armed infantry to armored cars, tanks and Stuka dive bombers.

HTC promise that Front Defense is more than just guns and explosions however, with a storyline that ‘sets up a premise that makes for one of the most intense war games ever created’.

Front Defense is now available to download exclusively for the HTC Vive via Viveport. A Steam release is also expected, but not yet confirmed. VRFocus will be bringing you a review of Front Defense later today.

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