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Hollywood’s Small Action Camera Manufacturer IndieCam is VR Serious

Sometimes being small isn’t so bad.

Cameras are getting smaller and smaller these days, especially when it comes to shooting in 360-degrees. IndieCam is an Austrian-based camera manufacturer, and during the recent Cannes Film Festival the company showcased it’s latest device called nakedEYE, a 4K camera that shoots in RAW.

Featuring a dual two lens setup, with both shooting 2K, the nakedEYE has a a global shutter speed and 12 stop dynamic range allowing it to capture 12 bit cinema DNG to SSD with a datastream up to 700mbps. Filmmakers looking for high quality footage which can be colour graded, should be really excited about its potential. There’s one stitch line and 60-64mm distance between the lenses, and the camera uses V-mount batteries, so instead of purchasing completely new batteries you can simply use professional broadcast camera  batteries to run the Naked Eye.

IndieCam aims to create a camera with feature length film quality, a workflow and an onset turn overtime that rivals current feature length film making today. This is IndieCam’s first generation VR camera – the company has been making 360-degree and panoramic cameras for six to seven years – and its next generation will have more sensors and will be able to capture stereoscopic 3D content. Raphael Barth, managing director and partner of IndieCam showcased the camera to VRFocus, explaining how camera manufacturers are coping with the increasing demand for VR rigs, and how they’re being used on set.

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