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HP Updates It’s VR-Ready Backpack PC

HP are offering a docking station with its updated backpack PC for VR on the go and at home.

With wireless virtual reality (VR) headsets still not quite in the consumer mainstream, most PC VR users will run into the problem of trailing cables at some point. Whether it’s getting tangled up in the trail of cables, or snagging yourself on something in the room, until VR becomes untethered, it’s going to be an issue. HP offered VR users a something of a solution with a ‘PC in a backpack’ that came out last year. HP have now refreshed and improved the product with a redesign in an attempt to make it more attractive to the VR videogaming market.

With a thing, angular design and the new addition of a small form-factor docking station that seems to have taken notes from the Nintendo Switch, the Omen X Compact is a slender device designed to slip easily into a backpack to enable VR experiences on the go. The problem with the previous iteration was that it couldn’t function particularly well as a standard PC, but the addition of the docking station solves that problem by allowing extra ports such as additional USB, HDMI and display ports to increase versatility.

In terms of specification, the Omen X Compact is powered by a Kaby Lake i7 processor, one of the latest generation of Intel processors. Graphics are supported by a GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, one of the cards generally recommended for users looking for a VR-ready GPU. 16GB and GDDR5X RAM and a 1TB SSD is also included. Designed with the HTC Vive in mind, the main unit also features a HTC Vive power out, mini display port and an audio jack.

The HP Omen X compact Desktop will be available for sale from July, at a cost of $2,499 (USD), with the backpack accessory costing an additional $599.

VRFocus will continue to report on new VR-ready hardware.

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