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IndustrialVR Clears Steam Greenlight Just in Time

The retiring Greenlight service has allowed IndustrialVR through.

Steam’s Greenlight service has allowed many games to be published on Steam – some of them fantastic, some of them less-so. Due to the controversial nature of the service, Valve finally elected to shut it down, but not before a few more games have made their way through. One of these being IndustrialVR, a new virtual reality (VR) title designed for those interested in different industries.

Designed as a singleplayer experience, IndustrialVR intends to teach and show how complex industrial sites and industries actually operate through gameplay. The videogame’s Steam Greenlight page specifies players will be able to see the core operation of nuclear power plants, drilling rigs, dams and even the International Space Station – certainly ambitious.

In VR factory renders are colour-coded, allowing players to see how products and other things flow through a factory, how certain machines work, and how the factory functions as a whole. As an educational tool, IndustrialVR is actually quite fascinating.

The videogame is said to have an entertaining story, which will help you slowly understand these massive and intricate factories and industries.

The developers hope to include Aeronautics, Transportation and Military infrastructures in future versions of the title.

IndustrialVR will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and a PC desktop mode.

The potential for educational tools in VR is staggering, and we’re glad IndustrialVR is adding to this burgeoning genre.

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